Whiny, Clingy & Irritating (queenanthai) wrote in elmstreet,
Whiny, Clingy & Irritating

I've Been Forgetting To Post This All Over

Yeah, so, it went up last week-ish, but Episode 30 of Made Of Fail is online. We corralled Sterling Gates, DC Comics writer extraordinaire and MAJOR horror movie fan for this episode. There'll be some slightly out-of-date SUPERGIRL and WAR OF THE SUPERMEN info at the beginning, and then we have a looooong, awesome in-depth discussion of the Nightmare On Elm Street remake.

(This spent a few weeks in editing hell; it was actually recorded on 5/2. Yeah, I know.)

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy it. It's VERY NSFW due to language. Don't let the kids listen.

Made Of Fail Episode 30: Whatever You Do...Don't. Fall. Asleep.
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